Currently there are no FDA-approved radioprotectors (an agent that provides protection against the toxic effects of ionizing radiation) being marketed today that can be taken orally, or that are not hampered by serious side effects. Radioprotective agents that could be given prior to radiation exposure would be of significant value in alleviating the side effects associated with exposure to ionizing radiation that millions of people undergo as part necessary medical therapy.

Goodwin & Wells is focused on four major markets:

  • Cancer/Radiation Treatments – Two thirds of cancer patients (11 million in the US) are being given radiation treatments, as part of their treatment protocol are being exposed to significant, amounts of radiation multiple times a week for multiple cycles. These protocols commonly lead to severe side effects which make compliance and acceptance of this therapy problematic. In the near term, G&W’s goal is to reduce these side effects. In the long term, by reducing side effects, radiation dosages may      be able to be increased in conjunction with G&W products, increasing efficacy of the radiation and improving clinical outcomes.
  • CT Scans – 70 million CT scans are performed each year in the U.S. Patients are exposed to upwards of 20 x-rays worth of radiation (X-ray is 1.4 mGy, CT scan of the abdomen and the pelvis is 30 mGy). The FDA is actually recommending decreasing the use of routine CT scans because of effects of radiation exposure. Combining G&W products in conjunction with a scan would reduce associated side effects of radiation exposure.
  • Military/Government – The military (as well as other government agencies) is seeking prophylactic protection for soldiers in high radiation battlefield situations as well as preventative care associated with life on nuclear submarines and other nuclear facilities.
  • Retail/Heath Foods – Consumers are becoming more concerned with the amount of radiation that they are being exposed to on a routine basis – for security screening, or having x‐rays taken. G&W will formulate and market products that are designed to combat these effects and reduce such concerns.